What I am thankful for…

This week, I celebrated completing my 6th year at Brooklyn Studio. I remember my first day vividly. I am not one for good-byes,  so I announced to my staff that morning that I was leaving and stepping into a principal role at Brooklyn Studio. My colleagues were surprised, but wished me well. My students did not take the news so easily. They barricaded me in my office, blocking the door so I wouldn’t leave. They were amazing students- amazing people, and they will always have a place in my heart. After many tears, I was at Studio by lunchtime, walking the hallways. I understood, but never fully realized the responsibility of being a principal until my first walkthrough that day. As my arrival was on the cusp of Thanksgiving, my family were asking me about my first three days at Studio over turkey and stuffing.

So Thanksgiving now has new meaning-synonymous with  family, my 8 nieces and nephews, and Studio. As this is the season for being thankful (something I am every day), I am very thankful for my time at Studio. I get to everyday work with amazing administrators, teachers, counselors paraprofessionals and staff. We laugh a lot- disagree at times, but all in the name of supporting our students. I am most grateful for being responsible for the most wonderful students and families. Your children are the reason I come to work every day- and they are inspirational to me.

So tomorrow as I (over)indulge I will think fondly of Studio, my 7th year, and all of you. Enjoy your time with your families and friends! Happy Thanksgiving.

Ms. Ciliotta


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