5 easy steps to support your child in the 2nd Marking Period…

The 2nd Marking Period has arrived! This is a very important time of year for both MS and HS students, and for different reasons. For Middle School students, the 2nd and 3rd Marking Period will provide a real indication as to your child’s progress in meeting standards and how they will do on the NYS Exams. For High School students the 2nd Marking Period grade is averaged with the grades from the 1st Marking Period, and that average appears on the official transcript.

There are many students who did very well the 1st Marking Period, and there are some who would like to have greater success between now and the end of the 1st Term. Here are  FIVE helpful tips that both you and your child can do to boost their grades and have the greatest success come the end of the fall term:

#1  Make sure that you and your child have access to Pupil Path. Pupil Path is our online grading system that provides you and your child real time access to their grades and overall averages. Pupil Path can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone. I know that many parents will access Pupil Path when they take a 5 minute mini break while at work or home. Many of our teachers also use the email function to communicate with parents on a weekly basis. So if you are not on Pupil Path, please call Ms. Ortiz or your Guidance Counselor and they will help you access Pupil Path.

#2 Get concrete on what to do to improve grades. I remember when I was in high school, my math teacher told my mother that I have to “do better”. But what did that mean? Do better how? The more specific a young person is in knowing what they have to do to improve their grades, the more likely they will meet the goal. For our High School students, encourage your child to have a meeting with their teacher. Ask the teacher, “What three things must I do to improve my grades?” Your teacher will be able to answer you. For our Middle School students, feel free parents to call the school and speak with teachers directly.

#3 For students- get good rest every night. Getting on a schedule when you are going to bed at a reasonable hour will help you stay fresh for the day. Going from class to class can be rigorous, and sometimes tiring. Sleep helps. Make sure that you are in bed no later than 9:30-11:00 depending on your age and grade. Refrain from the 5 hour nap when you get home! It only interrupts your sleep and makes you sleepier when you have to get up in the morning. If you are doing this, you must break the habit!

#4 For students- Come to class- every day-on time. Very simple and it works!

#5 Parents- Call if you are not sure. Sometimes (not all the time), you may get information that you are not sure about when it comes to your child’s schoolwork. If you are not sure, just call us. We can help you if you have any questions about homework, exams and report card schedules. The greater the communication, the more likely your child will do well.


I know I said 5, but here is one more, for students, for good measure….

#6  Take 20 minutes a night to read over your notes and highlight things you do not understand. Think about it, every day you take notes in class after class, only to close your notebook and not read them again until an exam. Notes are there to help you remember what you have learned. So if you review your notes every night for 20 minutes and underline what you do not understand, you can bring that with you to school the next day and ask your teacher.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best this marking period!


Ms. Ciliotta


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