A New Year…New Beginnings

I hope that our Studio community had a winter break full of celebration, rest and peace.
January is a great time. We  set our intentions for the year- make goals and see them through over the course of the 12 months. Our calendar for January is aligned directly to this energy. With the end of the 2nd Marking Period on January 23rd, our High School students will be taking their course finals from January 9th- 17th, and for some students, NYS Regents exams from January 24th- January 27th. Our Middle School students will be completing this Marking Period and as we approach the end of January, begin preparing for their NYS ELA/Math exams starting in March. All of these important dates will be posted on the school calendar and FACEBOOK page, so please make sure that you access these important up and coming events.
In keeping with our commitment towards a web based school- Marking Period 2 report cards and Spring Program cards will be officially released for the first time through Pupil Path on January 30th at 8:00am. I can not speak enough as to how valuable Pupil Path is as a communication tool between families and schools. If you are not on Pupil Path, please contact your child’s guidance counselor so we can get your logged on!
I wish all of our families a very Happy New Year and success for your child as we close out our Fall Term.





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