Wishing all our parents and students a happy start to the Spring Term. Just think, there are only 4, yes 4 more months to the 2016-2017 school year- hard to believe!  So here are some quick tips for all our students (and parents) as we begin, so to speak, our “final descent” to the school year:

a) Did you receive a promotion in doubt letter? Every school must send home Promotion in Doubt letters. The letter basically informs parents that their child potentially may not be promoted to the next grade. What you should know upfront, is that the letter is not based on students present report card grades, but on the previous year’s NY ELA/Math exams for our MS students and credit accumulation/Regents pass/fail for our HS students. Parents, if you received a letter, feel free to contact your child’s Guidance Counselor to talk about their progress right now, and any supports they may need for the remainder of the year.

b) Send your MS child to our Saturday School Program!  I can’t say it enough- our Saturday Program for our MS students really helps our students in preparing for their NYS ELA/Math/SCI/LOTE exams. At Studio, we pride ourselves on continuing with quality education even during testing season. Thus, our Saturday program is crucial is supporting your child do their very best. Many students ask me if they should attend. My answer is always this: can you get every question right on your own? If they answer no (and they always do), then I encourage them to come to Saturday School. Have your child pick up a permission slip from their teachers. The program starts again on Saturday March 4th.

c) Insist that your High School student attends tutoring for their classes and Regents. In June, 9-11 grade students will be taking their required Regents exams. They can not do it alone. If your child is taking a course that terminates with a Regents NOW, and they are having trouble; please encourage them to come to tutoring. Tutoring for courses like Chemistry, Physics, Algebra II and Global History are happening RIGHT NOW! But even if your child needs help in a course, speak to our Parent Coordinator and she can get you in touch with the Assistant Principal to support extra help for your child. We also will offer a full Regents tutoring program starting in May, and the schedule will be posted here and on our FACEBOOK page.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. I was apprehensive about taking on the “blog thing”, but I hope that it has provided you with some useful information and insights. Here’s to you child’s success in our “final descent”…make sure their tray tables are in the upright position…lol.


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