Supporting our HS students in credit accumulation, one class at a time…

When I think about it, I probably get to know your child first on paper before I even meet them in person. Throughout the year, like clockwork, I read through their transcripts and report cards. It never fails, I talk to the papers. I have long winded conversations with transcripts, cheering the successes and always taking a somber  pause for those students who we care about deeply, but are not meeting their greatest potential.

This year, a great conversation took place in our Cabinet meeting with the Assistant Principals about what we can do with our funding to support our 9-11 grade students who are behind in a few credits help them make their promotion requirements by June. We saw some great success last year, with our present 10th graders; who in retaking their fall algebra class in conjunction with their spring class, were able to earn their two credits in math. Can we repeat this formula for a larger number of students we thought?

For the Spring Term, we were able to support 9th and 10th grade students with the potential to meet credit accumulation requirements. What are these credit requirements? In nutshell…

To be considered on track for the…   you need…

9th-10th grade                                          10 credits, with 6 credits in 3 out of 4 core classes

10th-11th grade                                         20 credits, with 6 credits in 3 out of 4 core classes

11th-12th grade                                         30 credits, with 6 credits in 3 out of 4 core classes

I am proud to report that we have utilized funding to support students in the following courses Algebra, Geometry, ELA and Global History. Students will take these courses during the day in their program. So they are very important, as they are setting the stage for students to make their credit requirements for June. This is in addition to our highly successful CAP program which is supporting 10th and 11th graders in ELA and US History.

I am thankful for our teachers, Ms. Morris and Ms. Baker for a successful pilot last year, our past and present CAP teachers for their hard work, and to my Cabinet for taking the steps to make this program happen this year.

So students, if you have class like the ones mentioned on your program…go…just go.

Parents, if your child has a class like the ones mentioned on their program, support them in attending and being successful. We thank you.





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