The green envelopes are coming!

There is no need to run and hide! In the next few days you will find in your mailbox the infamous green envelope of the NYCDOE School Survey. I want to you know that Brooklyn Studio takes your responses seriously and shared with the school community. Your responses have even led to school change. For example, a few years ago the parent responses called for better communication of student progress. As a result, we now utilize Pupil Path!

We know that you are busy, but last year we only received responses from 160 families. We can do better!

So please, when the survey comes to your home, please take a few minutes and fill out the survey. If you do not want to fill out the survey, you can take it online @  Our goal is to meet the city response rate which is about 60%. We need you!

To make things interesting, if your child returned the completed survey back to the school, or proof that you completed the survey online, their name will be entered in a raffle for four passes to Luna Park (details to follow) and one homework pass.

Please help our school and I thank you for your time.






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