First Day of School- September 5, 2018

The scaffolding is coming down around the front of the building, and many of our new windows have been installed…

We’re getting ready for the first day of school- Wednesday, September 5th!

On September 5th, all Middle School students must enter the building through the Main Entrance on 21st Avenue. All High School students must enter the building through the cafeteria doors on 83rd Street. Staff will direct students to the their assigned classrooms for first period.

PupilPath ( will go live on Tuesday, September 4th, so students in GRADES 10-12 can go online to see their programs!

If you still need a copy of your summer assignment, click here to obtain a copy of it. All assignments are due on September 5th, unless stated otherwise. If you do not see a supply list for your grade, you will receive lists from your teachers on the first day.

For transportation information, go to

Applications for the FIAO Afterschool Program for Grades 6-8 will be available in the Main Office on the first day of school. The program will hold a parent orientation on September 12th and will begin on September 13th.

The Main Office will be open on September 4th, so do not hesitate to call us at 718-266-5032 if you have any questions!

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend! We will see you on September 5th at 8 am!

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