Career & Technical Education

What is Our Vision?

  • Our vision is to empower students with the technological, organizational, artistic: and literary. skills necessary for them to successfully compete in today's highly complex and ever-changing technological society.
  • We offer a sequence where students can apply visual art, business, project management, graphic design and coding skills to a variety of industries such as: visual art, graphic design, medicine, computer programming, networking and digital entrepreneurship

What is Our Mission?


What is Commercial Art?

The Brooklyn Studio Secondary School’s interdisciplinary Commercial Arts program empowers students with the technological, organizational, artistic and literary skills necessary for them to successfully compete in today’s highly complex and ever-changing technological society.

  • Let's define commercial art. This type of art applies artistic principles to a variety of fields.Whar is a commercial artist?: their work is used to sell, promote, explain, narrate, and iInform. They may design media such as advertisements, logos, billboards, brochures, bookcovers, or product packaging. Commercial artists “are typically employed by advertising
    Agencies, newspapers, magazines, graphic design firms, television studios, and simlar businesses.

  • Commercial Artists can specialize their careers in graphic design or commercial illustration, among other areas. Here a few carrers that invoive commercial art:
  • Ilustrator create images for use in books, magazines, and stationary.
  • Graphic Designers create artwork, layout for books, newspaper, magazines, television, product packaging, and the internet. Commercial art and graphic design often go hand in hand, as these professionals can work in advertising, marketing, or related fields.
  • Front-End Web developers Desing and implement functional, visual Appealing websites


Curricular Sequence

We offer Art Appreciation, Studio Art, Web Design 1 & 2, Animation AP Computer Science and Digital Photography, Computer Applications, Career and Financial Management classes enabling students to master the skills needed to complete this innovative educational sequence.
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