Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

-Martha Graham

The dance company, Tapestry, is led by Ms. Diane Pantoliano and  requires students to audition as well as remain in strong leadership roles throughout the community.  Tapestry includes a selected group of students that make up the “Big/Little” ensemble where the older students mentor the younger students through choreography and performance.  This is not only beneficial for the participants but also promotes the concept of modern dance for the entire community. Dancers at this level perform in and around the city.

Technique classes are offered to further develop skills and help maintain and reach dance requirements, or the “blueprint” of dance; this education will progress throughout a high school commitment to this dance program. This knowledge allows for a student to pass the Dance Regent (offered in high school) and go into life with culture, passion, and appreciation for art.

Here are some highlights from our Winter Dance Show, “Miracle on 84th Street”.

TAPESTRY Dance Company was selected to appear in the Performing Arts Showcase at the 2017 Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival.  The Showcase was held on Wednesday, May 24th at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College.
2017 Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival

2017 Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival- “Rising”