What does it take to be a great student athlete?  Just ask Philip Bilboa, the Brooklyn Studio Secondary School Senior who was selected as the winner of the 2018-2019 Fall PSAL Wingate Award for Bowling.

The prestigious PSAL Wingate Award is given to high school Seniors in honor of their outstanding accomplishments in their respective sports.  Students are nominated by their coaches and must have played in the PSAL for at least two full years.  Additionally, they must be in their Senior year of high school and graduating in January or June, and they must maintain eligibility throughout their sports season.

Philip Bilboa has had an amazing bowling career since Freshman year, when Coach John Mannino gave him a spot on his “A” team of Juniors and Seniors and has advanced to the Borough Individuals all four years he has played for the Studio Knights.  But his extraordinary bowling journey began long before high school—in sixth grade, Philip began going to Shell Lanes three times a week to bowl their specials, which usually ended in playing six games at a time.  Coach Mannino describes Philip as a “hard-working, determined young man who strives for excellence in all that he does.  Philip has tremendous passion when assisting others to be better than they can be.”

Brooklyn Studio Secondary School houses grades 6 to 12 and currently serves 950 students. Philip and twin sister Bianca have been part of the Brooklyn Studio family since sixth grade, and older sister Brianna graduated from Brooklyn Studio in 2017. All three have made the Studio Knights and the Studio Lady Knights bowling teams the powerhouses that they are. Brianna advanced to the Borough Individuals every year of high school and advanced three times to City Finals, even becoming CITY FINALS CHAMPION in her Junior year in 2015! Bianca bowled for the Lady knights for only two years, but she has been an important asset to the “B” team, helping them to key win. The talent of this family also extends to cousins Jaclynn and Victoria. Together, this family has helped the Knights and Lady Knights reach the PSAL play-off games year after year, often making it into the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals and even reaching the Finals this year, ending in a C match!

Philip would like to his Uncle Mark who always believed in him and coached and rooted for him; Alan Lui from Shell Lanes who helped him with his mechanics and made his game stronger; and Coach Mannino whose belief in confidence in Philip prompted him to give Philip the lead-off spot as a Freshman on the “A” and to secure him as the anchor in the three years that followed.

But Philip’s success would not have been possible without the love and support of his father, Robert Bilboa, and mother, Lori Bilboa, who also served on the Brooklyn Studio PTA Executive Board and School Leadership Team for many years, and he would like to thank her in his own words:

I have to give the BIGGEST THANK YOU to my mom for being with me from the beginning and every step along the way with everything she has done for me to accomplish my goal.  When I was in middle school, we started the journey for me to be ready to bowl in high school, going 3 days a week with my siblings and cousins to Shell Lanes for their Monday and Wednesday Specials and then every Friday afternoon…then there was Friday Summer and Saturday Night Winter Scholarship League for 3 years and every Studio practice and every game—she was always rooting for me and sometimes yelling at me to focus, but mostly, she never stopped believing in me.

 She is my biggest FAN and Mom, I THANK YOU for everything!

Brooklyn Studio is very proud of Philip Bilboa and looks forward to his being honored at the PSAL Awards Dinner at the end of the Spring Sports Season.  WE WISH YOU THE BEST IN ALL THAT YOU DO, PHILIP!